INTREO Service


When you attend an Intreo Office to make an application for a Jobseeker’s payment, you will receive the following service: 

  1. They will check your eligibility for Jobseeker's Payment. 
  2. They will give you an appointment within a few days to meet an officer to have your claim processed and to get your Public Services Card. 
  3. They will give you an application form and the information you need to prepare for your appointment. 
  4. If everything is in order on the day of your appointment, a decision will be made on the same day regarding your Jobseeker’s payment application.
  5. If you need information on other services such as Employment Services or Community Welfare Services, Rent Allowance, etc. they will help you with your query. 
  6. You can also use their access a variety of services and job seeking tools online or in a local Employment.
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Signing On


If you lose your job, are made redundant, laid off or if your working hours are reduced you may qualify for a social welfare payment, either Jobseeker’s Allowance or Jobseeker’s Benefit. When you apply for a jobseeker’s payment you declare that you are available for work, fit for work, genuinely seeking work but unable to find work. This is also known as signing on.

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Employment Services for Jobseekers


The Department of Social Protection (DSP) provides employment support and advice to jobseekers nationwide. Jobseekers include people who are getting a jobseeker’s payment, people who are signing for credits and people who are unemployed but not eligible for a payment. However priority is generally given to people getting a jobseeker’s payment. Many DSP social welfare local offices and employment services offices have been rebranded as Intreo centres.

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Returning to Work


If you are returning to employment after a significant gap, there are a number of options to consider and steps you should take before you start work. You may need help with finding a job or you may be interested in further training before starting work. Your local employment services office can advise you about job opportunities - see 'Where to apply'. You can also check Jobs Ireland online for details of job vacancies and training courses. The Department of Social Protection is responsible for providing employment services and guidance to jobseekers as well as income support.

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