Irish National Organisation of the Unemployed (23rd Edition - 2016)

Working for Work is primarily aimed at unemployed people and others distant from the labour market. The publication is also a key resource for information providers.


The INOU document provides substantial information related to exploring welfare, work, education and training options for unemployed people.

INOU Mission Statement.

INOUThe INOU is a federation of unemployed people, unemployed centres, unemployed groups, community organisations and Trade Unions. The INOU represents and defends the rights and interests of those who want decent employment and cannot obtain it. They promote and campaign for policies to achieve full employment for all. They also campaign for an acceptable standard of living for unemployed people and their dependants. The INOU is an anti-sectarian, anti-racist, non-party political organisation which promotes equality of opportunity within society.

The organisation was founded in 1987 and now comprises over 200 local centres, community based organisations, NGOs, Trade Unions, branches of unemployed people and other groups throughout the country. They work at local and national levels on the issues affecting unemployed people.

They support local groups through services such as training, welfare rights information and analysis of Government policies.

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